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Andy Luper has devoted himself to the study of animal behaviorism and dog psychology since 1970. A psychology major in college, and a dog lover since childhood, he is also a devoted dog owner with breeder and exhibitor experience. This helped form his philosophy in approaching training in a unique, humane, psychological and enjoyable manner for both the dog and the owner. It is this approach which made Mr. Luper the subject of numerous articles in publications throughout the State of Arizona and a guest on various local radio and TV shows.

The academy and all of its' students benefit from Mr. Luper's experience which also includes:

Certification as a Master Trainer and former Regional Director of the United States Professional Dog Trainer's Association, Inc.
State Representative for the North American Working Dog Association, Inc.
Recommended by dozens of veterinarians and pet professionals throughout the State.
Sponsor of the Arizona Humane Society's "Pets on Parade" TV show.
Member of the Arizona Animal Welfare League.
Trainer of dogs for motion pictures and video productions.
Author, Lecturer, and Nationally recognized as a leading authority in the professional dog training industry.
Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Some of my satisfied clientele include the following:

Stevie Nicks - Fleetwood Mac

Garth Jax - Arizona Cardinal

Todd Pete - Arizona Cardinal

Garrison Hearst - Arizona Cardinal

Willie Williams - Arizona Cardinal

Richard Dumas - Phoenix Sun

Kurt Rambis - Phoenix Sun

Jerod Mustaff - Phoenix Sun

Walter Davis - Boston Celtic, former Phoenix Sun

Oliver Miller - Phoenix Sun

Bill Haywood - KFYI, AM Radio

Fred Burns - KOOL, FM Radio

Latty Coor - Former President, ASU

Dr. Art Mollen - Author, Columnist

Mr. Theison, Sr. & Mr. Thieson, Jr. - Former owners of Phoenix Motor Co.

Jerry Reinsdorf - Owner, Chicago Bulls & White Sox

Michael Lacey - Editor, New Times

Linda Brock - Linda Brock BMW

Robert Gosnell - Pointe Resorts builder

TV 15 - "What's Up" Show

Mr. Hormel - CEO, Hormel Meats

"Sunstroke" USA Network - Jane Seymour

"Lethal Invasion" - NBC TV mini-series

"Fixing the Shadow" - Charlie Sheen

"Telling Secrets" - ABC TV - Cybill Shepherd/Michael Olin

John McCain - U.S. Senator

Toughboy Productions - "Trouble Bound"

Tapestry Films - "Kid"

Katy Productions - "Rescue 911"

Big House Productions - Nickelodeon

North Star Productions - "Desert Snow"

Farnum Pet Products - Product Label

Jamir Miller - Arizona Cardinal

IAMS Dog Food - Convention

Television Appearances:

News on Channels 3, 5, 10, 12, & 15

"Channel 3's "Pets on Parade" 3X

Cable TV, PBS, & more

Radio Station Interviews:

Sun Sounds


Print Interviews:

Arizona Republic

Scottsdale Progress

Tempe Daily News

Mesa Tribune

Valley Lifestyle Magazine

AZ Veterinary



Hush Puppies

Taco Bell

Wrigley's Gum

20/20 Eye Care

Bridgestone Tires

Diesel Jeans

Continental Homes

TV 12 Promo

SRP (2 times) & dozens of others!!

Click on pics to enlarge:

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"Big Mac & manager with Andy's Trixie" "Another melodic client" "Another satisfied client" "Live at TV 3 news desk" "Needs no introduction"

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"From cameo role" "Andy on the set with Ken Olin" "Cybill Shepherd on set
with Andy"
"Garth Jax fmr. Phx. Cardinal Linebacker and client"

RealPlayer Video Clips

The following are clips from various television appearances of Andy and his clients. You will need RealPlayer G2 to view these files.
Garth Jax, former middle linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, and his dog, Renegade. (69K) 17 seconds.
Interview with Andy on Channel 3 concerning training. (663K) 2 minutes 35 seconds.
Andy, on guard dog training, on Channel 5. (386K) 1 minute 29 seconds.
Andy, on dog aggression, on Channel 3. (420K) 1 minute 38 seconds.
Interview with Andy on Love Your Pet , concerning behavioral problems. (591K) 2 minutes 17 seconds.
Interview with Andy on "Now and Then" with Ron Bellus, about dog training. (1130K) 4 minutes 22 seconds.


Arizona Republic----"An alternative to the traditional obedience class, he and his staff make house calls---they pioneered the concept."

Scottsdale Progress----"Andy Luper effectively demonstrates his abilities..."

Phoenix Gazette----"More than a trainer Mr. Luper is a canine behaviorist."

Tempe Daily News----"Unfortunately, Mr. Luper doesn't foresee going into child training yet, but with the number of favorable letters he has received from past clients praising his success in dog training, maybe he ought to consider such an endeavor..."

A Bark Above the Best

Andy Luper and the Greater Phoenix Dog Training Academy Solve Even the Worst Pet Nightmares!

Since 1976 Andy Luper and The Greater Phoenix Dog Training Academy have been THE local and regional experts in canine behavior modification. "Andy The Dog Man", as he is sometimes known, pioneered the unique in-home training in Arizona during the bicentennial year while he was serving as Regional Director of the U.S. Professional Dog Trainers Association. Luper has also served as Arizona's state representative to the North American Working Dog Association, is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and has been nominated to the prestigious list of the International Who's Who of Professionals. With an impressive client list that includes the names of many sports figures, musicians, actors, politicians and big name executives, who would think that this incredibly talented individual would find time to train dogs for Hollywood. Not only does he accomplish this challenging feat, but boasts a resume including dozens of credits for motion pictures, television shows, and commercials.

With close to 25 years worth of satisfied clients, and a history of more than 12,000 well behaved dogs, Luper recently announced that he is "ready to focus on his favorite five F's: Family, Fun, Friends, Film, and Flint River Ranch super premium health food for dogs and cats." He will place his legacy in the hands of a new owner, and director. "I am certain that the academy will continue to grow and thrive in the hands of Nancy Herbert and Robert Neal," states Luper Herbert has been operations manager at the Academy for numerous years, and has also functioned as Luper's personal assistant, Neal has a history with the academy and Luper as well. Luper continues, " The team at the Academy has already planned an expansion of services that will include agility training and group classes". Of course the Academy's offerings will continue to include the unique humane psychological in-home dog training of dog and owner that Luper made famous using positive reinforcement. The Academy has been located in the same spot just off I-10 for over 17 years, and recently underwent a face- lift.

Luper, Jenna (Luper's daughter) and family dog Trixie recently did a photo shoot with Major League Baseball legend Mark McGwire at Bank One Ball Park. In addition to enjoying more time traveling, Luper will concentrate on actively pursuing more opportunities to train canines that wind up performing in front of the television and movie camera. He will also focus his efforts on creating a book from his popular training manual entitled "Never, Never Hit Your Dog". And if all of this isn't enough, Luper will try to take some well deserved time off.

Another example of Luper's success in the pet industry has been his distribution of flint river Ranch dog and cat food products. The fresh baked, all-natural pet foods are top quality products with human grade quality ingredients. The factory ships the products directly to the consumer, providing pet owners with the freshest food available on the

market today. According to Luper, "When put to the test, I have never seen a dog prefer any other dog food over the Flint river Ranch products." The line has a 100% money-back guarantee and is competitively priced. The convenience, quality, freshness, and palatability is second to none. Consumers can request free samples on the company's web site, or via a toll free number. The Academy and it's staff of over a dozen trainers, as well veterinarians across the country, also distribute the products on behalf of Flint River Ranch. With Luper's shift in focus, he will become more active in promoting the line., and will be available for communication through his cyberdog website, or toll free number.

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