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Need extra income?


Become a distributor of Flint River Ranch Super Premium Cat and Dog Food!

Pet Food is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Why not claim some of that income for yourself while providing a superior product that literally sells itself?


Who are Flint River Ranch Distributors?

Anyone wanting extra income! (Who doesn't?)


Professional Dog Breeders

Pet Groomers

Animal Care Professionals


I have found an easy way to make money and I want to share it with you. Becoming a Flint River Ranch distributor is easy and there is no buy-in so you have nothing to lose. Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Food for Pets is a superior product that is easy to sell because pets love it. It sells itself!

I have been giving out free samples on the internet because I know that people are more than likely going to order. Flint River Ranch is healthy and after their pets try it, they want more. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I am making hundreds of animals all over the country happy and that they are eating food that is healthy for them at the same time. I get email almost every day from people all over the country who are thrilled with the way their pets love Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Food for Pets. See What People are Saying about Flint River Ranch for a sampling of these emails!

The beauty of being a Flint River Ranch distributor is that you don't have to have to stock product (it is all sent from the Flint River Ranch warehouse), you don't have to deal with money (Flint River Ranch does that but you will, of course, have to cash your monthly commission check), and people buy it again and again. You are selling a superior product! With just a little work (getting the word out, providing samples) you can build a profitable business in your spare time. As your sponsor, I will walk you through the business and give you ideas for finding customers and building your customer base. You will not be alone!

You are a very special group of professionals providing your own intimate love, care and skills for family pets. Because you truly enjoy what you do, you work long hard hours providing hands-on service.

You know that your repeat business depends upon the special care and interest you have in the welfare of your customer's pet. Your continued business depends solely on the value-added service and customer satisfaction. As with most service-type businesses, when you decide to retire or to sell your business, you lose your income stream.

For this reason, many professionals have become distributors of Flint River Ranch Super Premium Pet Foods. This gives you the opportunity to build a strong residual income base for future financial security.

You have first hand knowledge of coat condition, food allergies and skin health. You know that dull dry hair coats, hot spots and scratching a re common conditions caused by improper diet. While you can improve appearance and maintain the pet's coat and skin by cleaning and conditioning, you realize the condition of the coat and skin is a direct reflection of what the animal eats.

Flint River Premium Pet Foods are made with the highest quality chicken and grains available. Our food is baked, not cooked, in order to preserve more natural vitamins and minerals. There are no chemical preservatives added to Flint River Pet Foods that would interfere with the pet's immune system. Flint River Premium Pet Foods are by far the finest food available for today's dog and cat.

By taking a few minutes to explain the value of proper feeding and provide samples of Flint River Ranch products, you are able to build a repeat business from pet owners who truly love their pets.

You have the ideal opportunity to network and build your business by providing a service with person to person contact. This one of t he best ways to build a business. The real benefit is a happy, healthy pet and a satisfied pet owner.

I would encourage you to become a distributor of Flint River Premium Pet Foods. It is a great way to build residual income and at the same time provide a service to your customer and their pet.


Do you know people with dogs, and or cats?  Are they still feeding them?  Of course they are!  Half of the homes in America have a dog, cat, both or more!

The quality of the product is superb and highly palatable.  Dogs love it!  Just do the "Taste Test"!   It sells itself.  The convenience of factory fresh baked automatic shipping is a tremendous benefit.  Easy to order by credit cards and checks via fax, phone, and mail.  The benefit to the dogs in terms of better health, more longevity and vitality, and tremendous results with skin and allergy problems is phenomenal!  Brand loyalty in dog foods is tremendous.  With competitive pricing this is truly a great service to the pets, and their owners, that you can profit residually for the rest of the pets life, even through subsequent generations.

If you are a professional trainer, veterinarian, groomer, breeder, kennel owner, dog sitter, holistic health practitioner, among others you are uniquely poised to profit from a generous compensation plan with virtually limitless potential.  If you retail to only one hundred dogs that equates to $9120.00 annual income!  That's at 19% on the first level, and with none of those hundred distributing to anybody else.  Just recommend it to your clients, hand out some samples and literature.  THE SKY's THE LIMIT!

Associate Information

Federal ID# or SS#:   (Official Tax Number)_______________________________

Company Name:_____________________________Resale Tax#_______________

NAME Last:_________________________First:_________________________Initial:__



Telephone:   (______)__________________________________________________________

Sponsor:  a Canine Authority International/A. Luper  

Sponsor Telephone:   1-888-AT-2-PETS

Sponsor ID#  N170      Associate ID# Assigned:_____________________________


Applicant Agreement


My signature below indicates that I am of legal age and I have read, accept and agree to all the Terms and Conditions regarding Privileges as outlined in this agreement.


1.  I state and affirm that I am acting as a free agent and independent contractor, holding myself out to the General Public as an independent contractor for other work or contracts as I see fit.  I am not an employee of FLINT RIVER RANCH, or any subsidiaries, and will operate as an independent contractor fully responsible for my own expenses;  FLINT RIVER RANCH will not be held responsible for any claims on behalf of FLINT RIVER RANCH other than those set forth in FLINT RIVER RANCH literature.

2.  I realize that I must abide by all Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to self-employment and the marketing of company products, including any taxes due and payable to any of the above.

3.  I understand that there is no expense to initiate an Associate Agreement.  I will effectuate and promote the sale of FLINT RIVER RANCH products on a continuing basis.

4.  I understand this Agreement can be terminated at any time upon mailing written notice to FLINT RIVER RANCH.  This Agreement shall automatically end on the 1st day of July each year, unless renewed by Associate and FLINT RIVER RANCH in accordance with the then existing Marketing Plan and Policies and Procedures made part of this Agreement by reference.

5.  The FLINT RIVER RANCH Policy and Procedures provide for transfer and assignment of this Agreement.  The situs of this Agreement is California.




  1243 Columbia Ave., B-6

  Riverside, CA  92507

  909-682-5048     FAX:  909-682-5057             __________________________

                                                                           Signature of Applicant/Associate


For more information about our marketing plan and samples of Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Food for Canines and Felines, contact A Canine Authority International and I will send you free distributorship information!


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