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To order a product simply fill in the form below, fax your order to 480-592-9339 or call (480)496-MUTT [6888] or (888)-AT-2-PETS. All methods available 24 hrs. Either way your order will be processed immediately. We accept check, money order, or credit card. Sorry, no COD. Only leave secure credit card info & specific order mailing address via voice mail or submit form below or print out and FAX.

And remember..... we really do appreciate your business

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Credit Card Security

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You may be wondering whether or not you should use your credit card to order products over the Web.. .

In fact, there has been a lot of publicity about the wisdom of giving out your credit card information over the Internet. If you use the Online Order Form, you may even get a message from your browser warning you that your transaction is not secure.

While the truth is that such a credit card transaction is not absolutely secure, it is no less secure than when you give the same information over the telephone, by mail, or in a retail store. All of these transactions are vulnerable.

If you are still concerned about ordering electronically using your credit card, we encourage you to order by mail, telephone or FAX instead. :-)

*Introductory package with manual & video only $39.95 plus $4.00 (shipping and handling) in US or actually cost outside US.

I would like to order:
Training Manual, Never... Never Hit Your Dog* $19.95
Training Video, Train Your Dog, Before Your Dog Trains You!* $24.95

Flint River Ranch Pet Foods Pricing and Order Form

Shipping & Handling $2.00 each item inside US or actual cost outside US



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