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Flint River Ranch

Super Premium Health Food for Pets

Dear clients (both two and four legged), and fellow animal lovers:

Through two decades as Training Director of the Greater Phoenix Dog Training Academy I have been blessed with many opportunities, and have come into contact with many dog related products, as you might well imagine. Despite the numerous accolades and endorsements this little know product line has generated, I felt compelled to (at first reluctantly), throw my proverbial hat into the ring.

Welcome to Flint River Ranch all natural dog and cat diets. One of our clients, now an associate, sent a sample and literature to me. I thought well here’s just another thing to make time for. When Richard told me of his dog’s reaction to the food within two to three days I was impressed. Richard’s dog is fifteen years old in very declining health, lethargic, and with nausea spitting up bile. Enter "F.R.R.", and voile the seeming fountain of youth had regenerated the dog. Increased energy, brightness in the eyes, and no more throw up!

Then I did the "taste test" with my dog Alice. She decidedly chose the Flint River Ranch over her Nutro’s Natural Choice. I had used the food almost exclusively, and loyally, for two or so generations with my beloved canine kids. When switching foods, she pulled out each piece of F.F.R. then turned her nose up at the Nutro still left. WOW!

Next our Operations Manager, Nancy, let her dog do an even tougher taste test. As she started to recount to me, I thought that’s not fair. As she finished the sentence I was even more impressed to hear of her dog, a.k.a. "Miss Finicky", digging through another high quality food to get to the F.R.R. at the bottom. This other high quality food had proven to be preferred in taste tests nine to one! I could go on and on with similar cases but just let me say this: I am proud to have the opportunity of introducing it to you with complete confidence and knowing that we will be benefiting dogs, now cat’s also, with increased longevity, stamina, energy, and coat condition. (To even overcome allergies in some instances!)

As a canine behaviorist I have long been aware of the relationships between nutrition, behavior and health. With the convenience of automatic factory fresh shipping, and so many other advantages I am sure you, and your pet, will appreciate it. For more information I hope your won’t hesitate to review the Flint River Ranch section of the web, Email me (aluper@cyberdog.com) or call us @ 1-888-AT2-PETS(282-7387); fax 480-595-9339. You may also place your order now via our online order system.


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