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with Larry Berg


video.gif (16117 bytes) How many times have you given your dog a command only to find him ignoring you until you have to repeat yourself, "raise" your voice, or "physically force" him to respond? This lack of respect can also lead to behavior problems including housesoiling, destructiveness, aggressiveness, wildness, etc. So why suffer with a dog that behaves only when he feels like it, when you can join the millions of dog owners who have discovered the joy and satisfaction of living with a well trained dog?

This one hour program demonstrates the most effective and easy to follow method of obedience training ever presented on video. The step-by-step format uses proven techniques that enable you to train your dog successfully, regardless of age, breed or mixture.


"An excellent reference, worth returning to again and again."
People Magazine
"Gentle, effective and absolutely clear...you simply can't help learning from this easy to follow training course. Try it yourself and see."
Award Winning Dog Writer, Carol Lea Benjamin
"A sure thing...the end result will be a humanely trained, well-behaved canine companion."
"One of the most informative tapes you'll find. Many dog training videos we've seen don't show you how. This video not only shows you how to do everything, it does so in a very thorough manner."
Good Dog Magazine
"Extremely well done...A great deal of good information."
American Kennel Gazette
"It really works! Other trainers told me to put my dog to sleep. Larry Berg's training methods saved my dog's life!"
Les Goodstein, VP Adv, NY Daily News

Nationally recognized as a leading authority on dogs, certified professional dog trainer Larry Berg shares his professional knowledge in this outstanding dog training video. Larry Berg has trained, judged, and shown dogs since 1969. He is the executive Vice President of the Society of North American Dog Trainers, and, has been named to the National Certification Committee of SNADT, the only recognized certification testing program of Professional Dog Trainers in the United States. LEARN FROM THE EXPERT HIMSELF...


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